Meaning of virologically in English:


Pronunciation /vʌɪrəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)li/


See virology

‘All patients with genital herpes should have at least one virologically confirmed diagnosis.’
  • ‘Fifty nine pupils at the school were reported as having mumps, of which 20 cases were confirmed virologically.’
  • ‘It is correct, that for the purposes of the algorithm, we have assumed that all persons with a positive heterophile antibody test had infectious mononucleosis and did not need to be routinely evaluated further virologically.’
  • ‘Access to stockpiled vaccine is restricted to containing epidemiologically and virologically confirmed outbreaks of smallpox.’
  • ‘Clearly, there is much to do both epidemiologically and virologically to contain the global spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome.’