Meaning of virtual image in English:

virtual image


  • An optical image formed from the apparent divergence of light rays from a point, as opposed to an image formed from their actual divergence.

    ‘Dark and light colors in terms of brightness are applied to pixels of the second virtual image and the first virtual image.’
    • ‘Stepping behind the doors of early national parlors, bookstores, optical shops, taverns, theaters, and museum galleries, we find a society captivated by optical instruments, virtual images, and phantasmatic projections.’
    • ‘To obtain a range of 12 m, we mounted the 150-mm-diameter target behind the digital binoculars and recorded the target as a virtual image from a domestic wall mirror placed at the far end of the room, which was 6 m deep.’
    • ‘In short, any structure showing a suitable grey value contrast within its local spatio-temporal neighbourhood results in an oriented grey value structure in a virtual image stack.’
    • ‘For this purpose, from the simulated nuclear configurations, virtual image data stacks were calculated.’