Meaning of virtuously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvəːtʃʊəsli/

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‘This kinder, gentler discipline was designed to get children to behave virtuously because they had internalized national values, not because they feared either external authority or the shame they would bring on their families.’
  • ‘‘The way to remember the future,’ he answered as Tolstoy might have, ‘is to live virtuously in the present.’’
  • ‘All experience suggests that exhortations to young people to behave virtuously in matters such as diet and exercise (not to mention in relation to alcohol, drugs and sex) are more likely to result in contrary behaviour.’
  • ‘We often act charitably or virtuously because we want to be seen that way - it's a pose, a self-projection, a part of our image management.’
  • ‘But by the early Victorian period angels were virtuously feminine in form and increasingly shown in domestic confinement, no longer free to fly.’