Meaning of virtuousness in English:



See virtuous

‘During the 1950s the evil of communism was invariably defined by the virtuousness of its enemies.’
  • ‘Callers try to top each other in the virtuousness of their hysteria, and the violence of their solutions.’
  • ‘In much of today's Western culture, virtuousness is primarily associated with exaggerated propriety, but in past centuries virtue was of immense importance as a pivotal principle of religious, ethical and political thought.’
  • ‘Luke's innocence and virtuousness are emphasized in comparison to Hans' rugged masculine physical appearance, his morally ambiguous occupation and mercenary ideologies.’
  • ‘Anyway, this friend was asking me what had set me on the road to financial virtuousness (!) because, she confessed, she was rather hopeless with money herself and didn't know how to stop running up her credit card.’



/ˈvəːtʃʊəsnəs/ /ˈvəːtjʊəsnəs/