Meaning of virulence in English:


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mass noun
  • 1The severity or harmfulness of a disease or poison.

    ‘the proportion of birds which die depends on the virulence of the virus’
    • ‘Some of the new genes may contribute to the organism's virulence.’
    • ‘Pasteur's breakthrough with the principle of attenuating viruses—reducing their virulence—came in 1876.’
    • ‘The leishmania genes that determine virulence will be identified.’
    • ‘In the late 1870s, the Royal Navy refused to visit, because of the virulence of venereal infection there.’
    • ‘Their work may help other scientists who are investigating the virulence of other major food-borne pathogens.’
  • 2Bitter hostility; rancour.

    ‘he was clearly pained by the virulence of the attacks’
    • ‘Even the wording of the wedding invitation has stirred up interfamilial virulence.’
    • ‘What's interesting is the virulence of opinion on the opposing sides.’
    • ‘The virulence of sectarianism there remains a major threat to the newly devolved institutions.’
    • ‘You wonder why Sartre at the age of 50, when he wrote the book, must attack his childhood with such virulence.’
    • ‘I was startled by the severity and virulence with which he delivered the sentence at the end of the trial.’



/ˈvɪrʊl(ə)ns/ /ˈvɪrjʊl(ə)ns/