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‘The disease, which causes painful, ulcerating blisters on the mouth, feet, and udders, is virulently contagious, and once introduced can quickly infect an entire herd.’
  • ‘But the Prince's repeated use of the word ‘epidemic’ implied, irresponsibly, that these conditions are virulently contagious.’
  • ‘They fell foul of the powers that be, however, for their virulently outspoken stance in opposition to The Falklands War (where, like the Gulf War, hardly any protest was made).’
  • ‘Was mental illness really spreading so virulently, or were asylums merely becoming more popular as places for warehousing society's presumed inferiors?’
  • ‘The five families most virulently opposed to the exhibition filed a lawsuit against the school superintendent and individual principals.’



/ˈvɪrʊləntli/ /ˈvɪrjʊləntli/