Meaning of viscerally in English:



See visceral

‘In these lineaments, the figure spoke viscerally of situations of dominance and slavery, it demonstrated men as machines rather than as gods, women as victims rather than as goddesses.’
  • ‘We came together out of a desire to make protest more appealing - visually, physically, emotionally, viscerally, etc.’
  • ‘A napalmed Vietnamese girl running down a road, a young American with his insides spilling out - such images viscerally showed the horror of war.’
  • ‘They understand viscerally, in a way that we cannot, that a dollar is nothing but paper and an electronic bank account denominated in dollars is something even less.’
  • ‘Marlowe may have been of this world, but he was also in it: emotionally, viscerally and - more so for him than for other men - bloodily.’