Meaning of visibly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɪzɪbli/

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  • 1In a way that is visible to the eye.

    ‘the defendant paled visibly as the guilty verdict was announced’
    • ‘she stretched out a visibly shaking hand’
    • ‘Infected seed may be visibly moldy, yet others appear healthy.’
    • ‘Hardly more than 3,000 copies could be made from one block - with the later copies looking visibly poorer in quality.’
    • ‘The face blotches with tears and blushes in embarrassment, blemishes appear, bad teeth are visibly hidden behind a nervous hand.’
    • ‘Walls, plastered traditionally, are rose pink; and the terrazzo floor, partly damaged, has been visibly repaired with pink mosaic.’
    • ‘He became visibly more animated when the cameras rolled.’
    1. 1.1In a way that can be perceived or noticed easily; clearly.
      ‘he was visibly irritated at the way he had been undermined’
      • ‘These are the works in the show in which she visibly takes pride in her heritage.’
      • ‘The boy's lack of interest in his father's hobby visibly disappoints the man.’
      • ‘Where new work untrammelled by context is concerned, reasonableness visibly relinquishes the controls to logic, not least in the matter of the driving force of the design.’
      • ‘He has had the experience of growing up in public - who else has done this so visibly, as both actor and character?’
      • ‘Public Enemy is different, visibly trying to be a distinctively Korean genre film.’