Meaning of Visigothic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌvɪzɪˈɡɒθɪk/


See Visigoth

‘But the Crimean Goths were not speaking Visigothic, or even a dialect derived from Visigothic.’
  • ‘But all of those Gothic kingdoms eventually succumbed in battle to assorted other peoples, the last to fall being Spain's Visigothic kingdom, conquered by Arabs in A.D.711.’
  • ‘Although the Visigothic transmission of Roman media and vocabulary was important, only scattered architectural fragments survive to record the characteristic preference for flat patterns.’
  • ‘The hoard contains Visigothic copies of imperial coins as well as regular issues, the latest dated item is a coin of the Emperor Majorian.’
  • ‘Aetius drew up with his Visigothic allies on his right flank, who, despite the loss of their king, overran the Ostrogoths opposing them and gained control of a strategically placed hill.’