Meaning of vision quest in English:

vision quest


  • An attempt to achieve a vision of a future guardian spirit, traditionally undertaken at puberty by boys of the Plains Indian peoples, typically through fasting or self-torture.

    ‘It is revealed in the novel that Sam Hunter undertook a vision quest as a teenager in which he met Coyote - who took on the form of a vacuum-cleaner salesman - ‘selling dreams’.’
    • ‘His guide on the vision quest was spiritual teacher John Milton, who is convinced that ‘political, legal and economic approaches don't go deep enough.’’
    • ‘Typically, I think one would go out into the wilderness, probably fasting, possibly entheogen-ified, on a vision quest for a number of days.’
    • ‘There will be great speculation in the days ahead about why Doc is going on sabbatical, on safari, on a pilgrimage, on special assignment, on vacation, on a journey to the mountaintop, a walkabout, a vision quest.’
    • ‘Wouldn't Odin's hanging from the World Tree for nine days and nine nights until he found the runes be a description of a shamanic initiation or a vision quest?’