Meaning of visitable in English:



See visit

‘I haven't enough space left to discuss Subrahmanyam's career: if he's visitable on a website, browsing through his list of publications might cost you a hundred hours of internet connection.’
  • ‘There is something both innocent and daring about Simone Martini's richly caparisoned horseman in the Palazzo Pubblico (the visitable part of which goes under the name of the Museo Civico).’
  • ‘Marrakech doesn't have that many visitable tourist sights anyway so don't feel guilty: you will remember a day in the Mamounia long after the others have been forgotten.’
  • ‘The eternal city is eternally visitable, so don't go at it like there's no tomorrow.’
  • ‘The best way to make every property more visitable is to make Pittsburgh a more desirable place to live.’