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Pronunciation /ˈvɪzɪtə/

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  • 1A person visiting someone or somewhere, especially socially or as a tourist.

    ‘she's a frequent visitor to London’
    • ‘I'm expecting visitors later this evening’
    • ‘Their view will be that of the outsider, the visitor, the tourist.’
    • ‘This is a wonderful development in the area and was much needed to facilitate the local visitor and the passing tourists.’
    • ‘She was a frequent visitor to the local garden centres in the city and county and her garden was a testimony to her love of shrubs and flowers.’
    • ‘He is a senior social worker who lives in Kent but is a frequent visitor to his home area.’
    • ‘When the Evening Press spoke to visitors in the town centre yesterday, most appeared in favour.’
    • ‘Bulgaria has much more to offer the foreign visitor than package holidays at a Black Sea resort.’
    • ‘I offer this so you understand that I don't speak from some distant place, as a visitor, as a tourist.’
    • ‘At lower altitudes, the national park offers many safe trails for exploration and a visitor centre.’
    • ‘Carlisle is a modern city with a traditional feel that is popular with visitors, locals and tourists alike.’
    • ‘The present state of this newly formed path extension is hardly likely to attract new visitors and tourists.’
    • ‘Today the prosperity of Skipton depends on the car parks for tourists, visitors and shoppers.’
    • ‘Baildon Moor is used by local people and at the weekends by tourists and visitors from other nearby towns.’
    • ‘Many in the association want the area left open for tourists and other short-stay visitors.’
    • ‘York is a major tourist city and the visitors it attracts benefit many businesses in and around York.’
    • ‘We hope they will be widely used by local people, tourists, and other visitors to the city.’
    • ‘The effect of such decisions on tourists and visitors to Kendal must be considerable.’
    • ‘It was one of my old haunts when I was a frequent visitor to New York, working on a novel with underlife scenes on the streets of Brooklyn.’
    • ‘He was a frequent visitor to the archival and historical sections of Laois library and had written extensively on his local area.’
    • ‘Mr Michael Henry, who resides in London, but who is a native of the island and a frequent visitor deplored the lack of progress.’
    • ‘Construction of the monument along with a visitor's center is expected to begin within two years.’
    guest, caller
    tourist, traveller, day tripper, sightseer, globetrotter, jet-setter, backpacker, voyager, tourer, explorer, pilgrim
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    1. 1.1usually visitorsA member of a sports team on tour or playing away from home.
      ‘the visitors came back into the game with two penalty goals’
      • ‘No mean achievement this, as the visitors ' first team are two leagues above Ilkley.’
      • ‘Robinson added the extra two and a further penalty when the visitors strayed offside.’
      • ‘A penalty put the visitors back to within one goal as the teams went into overdrive.’
      • ‘The club also plans to extend the existing car park to cater for teams, club members and visitors.’
      • ‘Three goals followed, all scored by the visitors, as the team lost its shape in the final quarter of an hour.’
      • ‘Then he had to watch again from the visitors ' dugout as the home team came back and won.’
      • ‘If Doncaster thought they were hard done by, so did the visitors right on full-time.’
      • ‘She enjoys talking to visitors and offers tours to different sights on the island.’
      • ‘However in the final quarter the visitors visibly tired and the floodgates opened.’
      • ‘United took a grip of the game and Cavendish went to pieces as they saw the visitors score six goals.’
      • ‘After the ceremony the visitors were given a tour of the ship, including the main communications office.’
      • ‘Nonetheless, he is a genial man and he will sometimes give guided tours to visitors, if he's not too busy.’
      • ‘It could have got even better for the visitors after Bower conceded a corner under pressure.’
      • ‘Members and visitors allowed them to play through to help them towards their target.’
      • ‘On the hour a corner for the visitors ended with a scramble in the area and skipper Craig Sugden launched himself to net a header.’
      • ‘The visitors have only conceded a couple of goals so far this season.’
      • ‘It hardly matters nowadays whether the opposition are neighbours or visitors from a far corner of Europe.’
      • ‘However, for the first quarter the visitors looked to have control of the game.’
      • ‘Observatory tours allow visitors to view the stars from a telescope positioned on the roof.’
      • ‘The number of visitors taking guided tours had also risen substantially.’
    2. 1.2British A person with the right or duty of occasionally inspecting and reporting on a college or other academic institution.
      ‘Upstairs, the visitor sees that a group of 3rd-graders are also having a math lesson.’
      • ‘First off, Michael Briggs managed to thwart a formal inquiry by appealing to the university visitor.’
    3. 1.3Ornithology A migratory bird present in a locality for only part of the year.
      ‘the red-necked grebe is a regular winter visitor’
      • ‘As we were leaving, we stopped to admire the cardinals at the bird feeder by the visitor's center.’
      • ‘Sharath Babu says the golden oriole is an attractive bird, a winter visitor to Bangalore.’
      • ‘Ice free, fresh water will help attract birds to your garden and make them regular visitors.’
      • ‘The Eurasian Wigeon is a regular winter visitor to Washington's coasts and western lowlands.’
      • ‘In this country, the brambling is a passage migrant and a winter visitor.’
      • ‘Locally common as a winter visitor, especially on large estuaries such as the Mersey and Dee.’
      • ‘There was one bird visitor which certainly was after food, but in the shape of another bird!’
      • ‘Frequent visitor to bird tables, especially where peanuts are provided.’
      • ‘In my yard in Bel Air, California, the band-tailed pigeon is a sporadic visitor.’
      • ‘This bird may have been a visitor from Victoria, or a vagrant from the population in eastern Asia.’
      • ‘It will usually vocalize or bill-clap as well, in an effort to scare away the unwanted visitor or predator.’
      • ‘I never expected these magical winter visitors to return to this part of Broadland.’
      • ‘When I began birding, this spectacular falcon was a regular Breydon visitor.’
      • ‘In Britain we have one very rare species which is the snowy owl but this does not breed here, being only a winter visitor to Scotland.’
      • ‘Our Black Swan was, according to Lloyd, an annual visitor to the East Pond for at least a few years.’
      • ‘From time to time we discover an unexpected visitor, or we notice a change in our usual population.’
      • ‘The little ringed plover is a visitor from early March although arrivals are not widespread until the month end.’
      • ‘A glance at a map shows the woodchat to be well distributed as a summer visitor in much of Europe.’
      • ‘But, of course, the woodpecker may be a regular visitor and I wouldn't necessarily know.’
      • ‘O'Callaghan had a regular avian visitor every morning, the high-pitched voice of Sammy Sparrow.’


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French visitour, from Old French visiter (see visit).