Meaning of visored in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪzəd/


(also vizored)

See visor

‘If, when I watched Len Hutton open the batting for Yorkshire, someone had predicted that, one day, batsmen would wear chest protectors, arm-guards and visored helmets, I would have assumed that they had read too much science fiction.’
  • ‘A black, visored wraparound motorcycle helmet sat on the seat between them.’
  • ‘According to a study by The Hockey News, 38 percent of the league's skaters are visored, roughly a 3 percent increase over 2003-04 and an all-time high.’
  • ‘Two young officers got out, carefully donning and adjusting their visored caps to declare their right of office, and went over to Rose's door, but no one answered their knocking.’
  • ‘Finally, helmeted, belted and visored down, we're good to go.’