Meaning of visual aid in English:

visual aid



  • 1usually visual aidsAn item of illustrative matter, such as a film, slide, or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily.

    ‘For Neurath, visualization does not merely act as illustration; visual aids are ‘part of the explanation themselves.’’
    • ‘Mr Garwood became well known for his Sunday morning ministry at the bandstage, when he frequently introduced unusual visual aids to illustrate his sermons and talks to the children.’
    • ‘Your meeting will typically include visual aids that illustrate the appropriate amount to eat.’
    • ‘It is complemented by striking, colourful illustrations, pictures, diagrams and visual aids.’
    • ‘The organizers of Lambeth had the fine idea of providing a large screen behind and above the altar to be used for whatever kind of visual aids the Provinces chose.’
    • ‘These animations act as visual aids, making the explanation of scientific information and processes much simpler to understand.’
    • ‘Animal anatomy can also be taught using models, charts and audio visual aids, it maintains.’
    • ‘The notion that I can't ‘grasp’ such concepts without full color pictures as visual aids is a gross insult to my intelligence.’
    • ‘Get an idea of what you want in terms of look and style, and communicate this message clearly with the help of visual aids like photographs and magazines.’
    • ‘Because patients' ability to retain information may be compromised, clear explanations augmented with visual aids could be helpful.’
    • ‘This is accomplished with verbal and visual aids with a priority placed on each swimmer understanding the purpose of a particular drill or exercise.’
    • ‘Powell illustrated his remarks with audio and visual aids.’
    • ‘The visual aids provided in each chapter complement the information for that chapter's narrative.’
    • ‘To help you understand standard portion sizes, here are some visual aids for you.’
    • ‘Murray distributes visual aids - color copies of a photograph shot by a professional - to his assembled neighbors.’
    • ‘The electronic format also allows for links to newspaper articles and other supplementary texts as well as for audio and visual aids.’
    • ‘They had visual aids in the form of human size portraits.’
    • ‘I can think of no greater indictment of our educational system than that it produces engineering students who require visual aids in order to add 12 to single-digit numbers.’
    • ‘Another study found drunks responsive to strong ‘inhibiting cues’ - visual aids - that warned against unsafe sex.’
    • ‘Just one paragraph, and no visual aids necessary.’
    • ‘I expect most of you can imagine the patronizing priest reaching behind the altar table for his visual aid.’
  • 2A device used to improve vision, such as a magnifying glass or glasses.

    ‘Researchers are the University of Wisconsin have developed what is surely the weirdest visual aid ever: A device that lets the blind see - by using their tongues.’
    • ‘Visual impairment may be helped with the use of glasses or other visual aids.’
    • ‘They believe their portable visual aids for the partially sighted genuinely improve the lives of their users.’
    • ‘The desk will signpost information on local and province wide services, and will display brochures on eye conditions, visual aids literature and information will be produced in all formats including large print and audio.’
    • ‘And a week today, from noon to 3pm, it will be hosting an exhibition of the very latest hi-tech visual aid technology designed to help visually impaired people access computers, email and the Internet.’