Meaning of visual art in English:

visual art

(also visual arts)

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mass noun
  • Creative art whose products are to be appreciated by sight, such as painting, sculpture, and film-making (as contrasted with literature and music)

    ‘public exhibitions of paintings or other works of visual art’
    • ‘In an introductory course on New York City's visual arts, students investigate art and then journey to taste first-hand the city's joys.’
    • ‘The spatial configuration presumes that the visual arts and theatre, while sharing audience and the precinct, will remain distinct.’
    • ‘David set about illustrating to Australians the value of their own visual arts.’
    • ‘The center brings the visual arts together in one dynamic interdisciplinary environment.’
    • ‘Visual art has been made more widely accessible by new technologies of reproduction.’
    • ‘The early twentieth century was one of the most exciting periods in the entire history of the visual arts.’
    • ‘Éluard is best known as one of the outstanding French poets of the 20th century, but he was deeply interested in the visual arts.’
    • ‘Although Gropius's practical work was mainly in the fields of architecture and interior design, his influence on modernist trends in all the visual arts was enormous.’
    • ‘He also occasionally tried his hand in the visual arts, making collages, for example.’
    • ‘Interest in the development of the visual arts goes back to classical antiquity.’