Meaning of vita in English:


Pronunciation /ˈviːtə/


  • A curriculum vitae.

    ‘Whether it's for typing up memos, spreadsheets, presentations, standard operating procedures, thesis, curriculum vitas, or merely surfing the net, computer basics are required.’
    • ‘Each applicant must submit a curriculum vita, a letter of support from a member of APA and, in the instance of a self-nomination, verification that the endorser will serve the role and complete the functions of a nominator.’
    • ‘Interested candidates should submit six copies of their curriculum vita and a summary of their dissertation research - visit the Web address below for summary requirements.’
    • ‘The program will offer candidates practical advice on how to write a curriculum vita, how to present their research seminar, and what tools they will need to excel on their academic interview.’
    • ‘For example, the content of a curriculum vita was reformatted to look like a letter, a dictionary and so on.’
    • ‘It's an important thing you can put on your vita.’
    • ‘Taking my own advice about applying to previous employers, I then submitted my vita to a medium-sized historically Black college where I also had worked as an adjunct professor.’
    • ‘At least I think if I were, for example, 28th author, I wouldn't want to devote a full half-page of my vita to the 27 names that precede mine.’
    • ‘Who would have thought that one line on my vita, under community service, would have led to this job?’
    • ‘But not all faculty members should aspire to be administrators or measure a successful career by whether or not administration is on the vita.’
    • ‘But then, she didn't always have a professional vita that people twice her age would kill for, either.’
    • ‘Examination of his vita reveals that his efforts in his department and in other professional areas have been equally strong.’
    • ‘Having sung 12 roles at the MET is an impressive item on any tenor's vita, and not surprisingly he had no problems filling the Lisner Auditorium with his sound.’
    • ‘Specific proposals should be sent to the Journal no later than Jan.15, 2004, with prospectus and brief vita.’
    • ‘A process streamlined into grim efficiency, yielding one more line on the scholar's vita.’
    • ‘What about the average successful vita, though: that is to say, the kind of vita that professors most often must evaluate?’
    • ‘But it's not congressional ethics investigators who are most likely to frown on Daschle's lobbying vita.’
    • ‘My full 18-point platform as well as a complete biographical statement and vita may be found at’
    CV, life history, biography, details


Latin, literally ‘life’.