Meaning of vitally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪtəli/

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  • 1In a way that is absolutely necessary or essential.

    ‘the economy depends vitally on having a skilled, productive workforce’
    • ‘the music plays a vitally important role’
    • ‘He argued that the Bank's zero interest rate policy was precluding vitally required economic restructuring.’
    • ‘They are consulted on every issue that vitally affects the country.’
    • ‘What is so enjoyable about this is seeing him come into his own, and make a vitally valid contribution to music.’
    • ‘But vitally, it as an unmistakably modern effort, possessed of a distinctive dystopian angst.’
    • ‘A small and vitally fundamental point, for without an ability to draw, and all the looking it entails, an artist cannot be made.’
  • 2In an energetic or lively manner.

    ‘activity and busyness make me feel that I am vitally alive’
    • ‘From the first days of their courtship, his wife had been a woman vitally erotic, playfully taunting.’
    • ‘A remarkable versifier, Dylan exploits the possibilities of poetic form more vitally and vigorously than ever.’
    • ‘The president has to be as vitally engaged there as he is in Baghdad.’
    • ‘This wider cultural and historical perspective is important to Walker's novel because the form of knowledge that it offers is vitally liberating and empowering.’
    • ‘Always vitally interested in the welfare of workers, she became business representative of the organization in October of 1962.’