Meaning of vitaminize in English:



(also British vitaminise)
[with object]
  • Add vitamins to (food)

    ‘margarine was vitaminized, so that all categories were equal in vitamin value to butter’
    • ‘A premium vitaminized cockatiel mix may be offered sparingly.’
    • ‘Birds were fed ad libitum with a mixed diet consisting of mealworms [(Tenebrio sp.)], moistened Monkey Biscuits [(Hill's Products, Premium Nutritional Products, Mission, Kansas)], wild berries, and fresh vitaminized water.’
    • ‘Dairies do things to milk that cows never dreamed of: they pasteurize, homogenize and vitaminize it.’
    • ‘A luxurious night cream, providing the skin with a meaningful, vitaminised, built-in emollient system.’
    • ‘When incorporated in Vanaspati, it does not impart any taste or odour to the vitaminized product.’
    • ‘This invention is attributed to the industry of fats and oils and may be utilised for production of quality vitaminised and aromatised edible salad and baking oils.’
    • ‘The rejuvenating and vitaminizing process of the the collagen eye mask help to smooth the fine limes and the wrinkles around the eyes.’
    • ‘A system for collecting water from air humidity, making the water drinkable, mineralizing and vitaminizing it;’
    • ‘The Commission has decided to send the Austrian Government a reasoned opinion concerning the marketing in Austria of vitaminised food supplements originating in other Member States.’
    • ‘Another way to get vitamins into the air, he said, is ‘to load these vitaminized mixtures onto compressed fiber pads through which air can be forced via a fan blowing air on the pad.’’
    make more nutritious, improve, vitaminize



/ˈvɪtəmɪnʌɪz/ /ˈvʌɪtəmɪnʌɪz/