Meaning of vitamizer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪtəmaɪzə/


(also British vitamiser)
Trademark ; Australian
  • A piece of electrical equipment used for mixing, chopping, and liquidizing foods.

    ‘I watched the attendant put the ingredients into the vitamizer’
    • ‘Make the ointment by blending calendula petals in a vitamiser with almond oil.’
    • ‘Blend in a vitamiser before using.’
    • ‘One of the first items my mother bought was an electric vitamiser from a travelling salesman.’
    • ‘Vitamisers and other power operated machines can all cause serious injuries.’
    • ‘She makes a drink out of bananas, sugar syrup and crushed ice, all mixed together in a vitamizer.’
    • ‘The many ways in which a vitamiser can help in cookery are explained.’
    • ‘An excess of strawberries have been turned into syrup in the vitamizer and bottled for future use.’
    • ‘Place chopped chicken, vegetables, rice and stock in vitamiser and blend until smooth.’
    • ‘People are reticent about replacing the pantry by cupboard units and the hand beater by a vitamizer.’
    • ‘A domestic vitamizer was used to homogenize the material.’