Meaning of vitrine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɪtriːn/


  • A glass display case.

    ‘Their physicality seems further diminished by the glass vitrines within which they dangle, boxes that lend them a disturbingly contradictory sense of hapless menace.’
    • ‘Sutured serviceably but without refinement, these soft sculptures are presented, like anthropological specimens, in woodframed glass vitrines.’
    • ‘The museum exhibits are planned in a series of large free-standing glass vitrines placed along the path and sheltered by the undulating canopy.’
    • ‘None of the pieces in the show were framed; they were, instead, suspended on clear monofilament inside glass vitrines.’
    • ‘The rooms are dark and filled with vitrines so old the glass is all wiggly.’
    • ‘The wooden mantel itself was also shown in the gallery, as was an antique vitrine containing actual plates.’
    • ‘The carefully scattered installation included an array of vitrines, shelves and boxes stocked with packaging for household, garden and barnyard chemicals once readily available in hardware stores and garden shops.’
    • ‘For several years, the artist has been making colored wax casts of containers that resemble antique apothecary bottles and jars, and shelving them in vitrines, wooden cabinets or on painted ledges.’
    • ‘Resembling a natural history museum, the dimly lit central gallery was lined with 13 steel-and-glass vitrines, each containing a weathered stone tablet.’
    • ‘Black-velvet-lined vitrines in the gallery displayed the actual costumes worn.’
    • ‘A vitrine contains parts of the original manuscripts for his 15,000 page novel and his 5,000-page autobiography.’
    • ‘Perhaps to minimize the number of pedestals or vitrines, many of the items in the show are displayed in containers that look like pneumatic tubes, held taut in midair by cables stretching from ceiling to floor.’
    • ‘Perhaps the most disappointing note is the prosaic nature of the display of the smaller archaeological artefacts in vitrines against one wall.’
    • ‘In another example, masks from different Swiss traditions were displayed in a line of three vitrines.’
    • ‘A rippling and undulating wall of dark felt conceals the bays along the museum's ramp, providing darkened places for vitrines and creating a light-and-dark shimmer within the building.’
    • ‘The glass is held in the thinnest of metal frames, the lightness and insubstantiality of these vitrines contrasting with the mass of the original structure and the blind, blank walls of the new insertions.’
    • ‘Also presented were two multipanel mixed-medium paintings on paper, three accordion-fold books in vitrines and a wall-filling relief of colored plasticine.’
    • ‘The confusion in the long series of Etruscan galleries on the ground floor of this museum is indescribable; the vitrines are coated inside with oil and mud, and a vast number of fragile objects have been fragmented or displaced.’
    • ‘Yet the exhibition overall is beset by an archival feeling, which is abetted by the period posters and reliquary vitrines housing pamphlets and first editions.’
    • ‘The presentations ranged from single-artist rooms that had been papered floor to ceiling to smaller sections of wallpaper exhibited in vitrines.’


French, from vitre ‘glass pane’.