Significado de vitriolically en en Inglés



See vitriolic

‘Green's arrogant belief that he has been dragged down by his environment and peers leads him to vitriolically reject the class he was born into.’
  • ‘The only problem I have with this vitriolically elegant production is its speed: this brittle, precise text mustn't be rushed.’
  • ‘His writing is lethally sharp and vitriolically funny: the jagged aggressiveness of American speech moulded almost into poetry.’
  • ‘How is it that the people of Ontario vitriolically hate the party that gave them more days off, and love the party that slashed health care and turned education into a joke?’
  • ‘At the same time, Tolstoy vitriolically attacked Lear, eccentrically stating a preference for King Leir.’