Meaning of vocal fry in English:

vocal fry


mass noun
  • A way of speaking in which the voice is very low-pitched and has a characteristic rough or creaking sound.

    ‘she tweaks the way teen girls actually talk, with high-rising terminals, vocal fry, and ‘like’ for emphasis’
    ‘his girlfriend uses uptalk and vocal fry’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Farrell's raspy vocal fry renders the scene virtually inaudible once again.’
    • ‘Call it a quirk, a trend, or an epidemic - vocal fry is everywhere.’
    • ‘The other ghastly affectation, which is particular to young women, is vocal fry.’
    • ‘Howard said a couple of the girls have that vocal fry voice.’
    • ‘He's got that stupid vocal fry thing going on with his voice.’
    • ‘A new study indicates that vocal fry is actually perceived negatively, particularly in a labor market context.’
    • ‘But also as a warning, certain people become infinitely harder to listen to after you start noticing vocal fry.’
    • ‘Faith says that while women should find their voice, it shouldn't be the creaky and guttural speech known as vocal fry.’
    • ‘His voice changes volume, seems to scrape up against the bottom of itself with vocal fry one minute, then grinds in a higher gear the next.’
    • ‘While uptalk raises the pitch of the voice at the end of a sentence, vocal fry produces a guttural growl.’


1950s from the perceived resemblance to the sizzling sound produced when food is fried.