Meaning of vociferously in English:


Pronunciation /və(ʊ)ˈsɪf(ə)rəsli/

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  • In a loud and forceful manner.

    ‘the country vociferously opposed the war’
    • ‘She is one of over 30 delegates, most of them vociferously against the proposition.’
    • ‘These dogs will sometimes take to barking vociferously in order to express their inner anxieties.’
    • ‘She now defends those projects vociferously, explaining her thoughts on good architecture.’
    • ‘Al Gore vociferously argues that we should not tamper with the most successful social program in the nation's history.’
    • ‘Here's a man who stood up to the might of the UK and US government to vociferously denounce the Iraq war.’