Meaning of vodka in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɒdkə/

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mass noun
  • An alcoholic spirit of Russian origin made by distillation of rye, wheat, or potatoes.

    ‘we stayed up all night drinking vodka’
    • ‘he knocked back a vodka and collapsed into the chair’
    • ‘Staff gave her a choice of gin, vodka or whisky, before she was given two cupfuls to drink immediately.’
    • ‘The weather was lovely but I made the mistake of drinking absinthe, cider then vodka.’
    • ‘When they returned home they took bottles of whisky and vodka back with them and another row ensued.’
    • ‘The vodka and whisky are flowing and it's just about time to chill out on the sofa with a good film.’
    • ‘She had drunk a litre of cider and three shorts of vodka and had taken too high a dose of her prescribed medicine.’
    • ‘Had enough vodka and beers on Friday and Sunday to last a lifetime, thank you very much.’
    • ‘Although most brands of grain alcohol are practically tasteless, vodkas, brandy and bourbon have differing tastes according to the distiller.’
    • ‘Saturday was a bit of a sleep in, what with all the wine and vodka from the night before.’
    • ‘He said the main problem was that there was too much focus on alcohol, particularly the sale of cheap vodka.’
    • ‘First they ran out of cider, then they ran out of vodka - things were looking grave.’
    • ‘I apologise profusely - to all concerned, I was very drunk and it is never a good idea to mix beer, double vodkas and wine.’
    • ‘He drunk three to four pints plus some vodka and lemonade but was not drunk.’
    • ‘The next day we went to a liquor store and bought a big bottle of vodka.’
    • ‘Unlike many heavily flavored vodkas, this grapefruit vodka is tangy and slightly bitter, but not aggressive or overwhelming.’
    • ‘In July she had spent the evening at a nearby pub when she had had several pints and a glass of vodka and orange.’
    • ‘He was a harder nut to crack, but at least he could drink an awful lot of vodka.’
    • ‘They noticed a female passenger sitting in the central aisle with an empty bottle of vodka on her table tray.’
    • ‘He would pretend that he wanted a packet of crisps or chocolate, but secretly was buying a bottle of vodka.’
    • ‘We sat up late again drinking vodka and somehow the mood was a bit subdued.’
    • ‘He took a couple of shots of vodka, redid his tie, and walked out of the room.’
    strong liquor, liquor, strong drink


Russian, diminutive of voda ‘water’.