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voice vote

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  • A vote taken by noting the relative strength and volume of calls of aye and no.

    ‘The Senate passed the legislation with a unanimous voice vote, thereby avoiding individual public accountability for senators - Republican and Democratic - who supported the bill.’
    • ‘The Senate leadership's bipartisan agreement to hold a voice vote on the measure constituted a cowardly maneuver to allow individual senators to conceal their support for the occupation.’
    • ‘While the full Senate voted on him by a voice vote (thus votes for and against him were not recorded for the record), there was heated debate over him on the Senate floor.’
    • ‘Democrats declined to push for a roll-call vote on the issue, allowing the Republican plan to pass on a voice vote.’
    • ‘At a mass meeting of 4,000 teachers on Friday union members ratified a five-year contract by a unanimous voice vote.’
    • ‘The bill passed the House in a 261-161 voice vote, with 42 Democrats joining the Republican majority to support the measure.’
    • ‘Many of the despicable representatives don't even have the nuts to admit that they voted for it, since it was done in a voice vote.’
    • ‘Instead, the Senate leadership used a voice vote procedure that did not require a quorum (a simple majority) to pass.’
    • ‘Senators approved the measure by a voice vote with only one minor change in the legislation approved by the House two weeks ago.’
    • ‘Senate Republicans have agreed to let the bill pass with a voice vote.’
    • ‘The Committee approved her nomination by a voice vote.’
    • ‘The Finance Committee approved the agreement by a voice vote, although it was closely divided on the issue.’
    • ‘That's why the Senate, I think, did it on a voice vote yesterday so nobody had to be on record of voting for it.’
    • ‘By agreement with the leaders of both parties, the loophole was rushed through with no debate and only a voice vote, so they did not have to go on record as having cast their first vote of the new Congress for a special perk for themselves.’
    • ‘The House of Representatives approved the moratorium last month by a unanimous voice vote, but it is unclear if it will be retained in the final House-Senate conference report.’
    • ‘It is requiring that routine business be submitted in written form instead of allowing the chamber to use a voice vote to take care of issues and move on to real business.’
    • ‘In a panic reaction, the government placed a hastily drafted bill in the assembly which was passed soon after with a voice vote without any discussion.’
    • ‘The measure that passed the Senate last week did so on a voice vote.’
    • ‘According to the official site the amendment passed on a voice vote.’
    • ‘The Senate issued its final approval in 2003 by voice vote.’