Meaning of voicemail in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɔɪsmeɪl/

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mass noun
  • 1A centralized electronic system that can store messages from telephone callers.

    ‘No longer will there be any need to leave multiple messages on email, voicemail and a pager.’
    • ‘I grabbed my phone out of my room and dialed her cell phone but got voicemail immediately.’
    • ‘Her frantic family have been unable to find her and calls to her mobile telephone go straight to voicemail.’
    • ‘All telephone enquiries from late June onwards were transferred to a mobile phone voicemail.’
    • ‘Or you can ignore it, send it to voicemail or forward the call to a wireless phone.’
    • ‘Well, she phoned yesterday in the morning and left a message on my voicemail.’
    • ‘After getting no reply, we called him yesterday, leaving a message on his voicemail.’
    • ‘If you have to be away from your desk, have someone else answer the phone for you if you don't have voicemail or an answering machine.’
    • ‘They also provide voicemail, call forwarding and conference calls, at no extra charge.’
    • ‘Why don't voicemail systems have the same menu options to delete and store messages, for example?’
    • ‘How do they like to communicate - by e-mail, voicemail or an informal chat when you drop by their office?’
    • ‘He advocated email as a useful alternative to meetings, or voicemail for communication purposes.’
    • ‘Why can't I figure out how to check my voicemail or get into the system to record my outgoing greeting?’
    • ‘Find out if you'll have access to voicemail and e-mail during your maternity leave.’
    • ‘I didn't answer any of the calls - she left me two voicemail messages though.’
    • ‘I couldn't actually work out what voicemail message she was talking about.’
    • ‘A voicemail message at its head office in London claims that the ‘office is now closed’.’
    • ‘He left a message, and hoped his friend would check his voicemail in the next hour or so.’
    • ‘I tried to phone your mobile but it kept going to voicemail!’
    • ‘When I listened to her voicemail, I noticed she said she would be back on Tuesday.’
    letters, packages, parcels, correspondence, communications, airmail
    1. 1.1count noun A spoken message left by a caller on a voicemail system.
      ‘you didn't even respond when I left you a voicemail’
      • ‘I left a voicemail on the executive's direct line.’
      • ‘I just got a voicemail from Chris' management, they are trying to get us to do a new TV show together.’
      • ‘I left a voicemail saying 'Is everything OK?'’
      • ‘Give us a call and leave us a voicemail that might end up being answered on the show,’
      • ‘Her attorneys did not immediately respond to voicemails and emails seeking comment.’
      • ‘The voicemails were characterized as threatening and intimidating.’
      • ‘I got off the plane and had all these voicemails and text messages.’
      • ‘He made sure to periodically check his emails and catch up on voicemails throughout the day.’
      • ‘By the time I got home, there was a voicemail asking me to come back.’
      • ‘Kristen is in court still when her husband leaves her a voicemail.’