Meaning of voila in English:


Pronunciation /vwʌˈlɑː/


  • There it is; there you are.

    ‘‘Voila!’ she said, producing a pair of strappy white sandals’
    • ‘Pot up excesses from your garden, decorate the pot, and voila!’
    • ‘The sudden increase in company value due to improved expectations gets recorded as earnings, and voila!’
    • ‘Pack the ice into a cup, and then add your favorite juice, soda or Kool-Aid - and voila!’
    • ‘Just wait now for him to make the first move and once he does, voila!’
    • ‘Like that, his photo is on the front page of all the propaganda posters and newspapers and - voila!’
    • ‘Then all you have to do is plug it in and leave it for twelve hours, and voila!’
    • ‘Take a harmless sentence, stretch it, put in a couple of analogies, use a thesaurus, and voila!’
    • ‘Next add the research and the final dissertation defense some time in May, add water, and voila!’
    • ‘All you have to do is get rid of the nasty couple of days between Thursday and Saturday and - voila!’
    • ‘When I'm stuck for something to say, all I have to do is scan the online newspapers and voila!’
    • ‘I thought I could walk in there, put up a few cupboards, buy a new fridge and voila!’
    • ‘The salesman was polite, discussed only the things we wanted to purchase (conservatory and French doors), tapped it all into his smart little laptop and voilà!’
    • ‘Add technical incompetence, linked with the most impoverished contact with the reality principle - namely, the real world - and voilà!’
    • ‘Add a stellar cast whose chemistry is undeniable and voila!’
    • ‘So any changes you want to make to the page, you simply edit the stylesheet.css file, save and then voila!’
    • ‘Throw that throw in the trunk along with a packed picnic basket, and voila! - instant movable feast.’
    • ‘The dream was choppy and didn't make much sense, so I wrote it down, made a plot, added a few scenes, and voila!’
    • ‘Then unfurl the string, compare its length to the scale on the map, and voila!’
    • ‘My son helped me extract the iron bits from the dirt with a magnet, and voila!’
    • ‘As I was saying, all you have to do is give us this portfolio, sign a contract, and voila!’


French voilà.