Meaning of voluntourism in English:



mass noun
  • A form of tourism in which travellers participate in voluntary work, typically for a charity.

    ‘at the core of voluntourism is the desire to help others’
    • ‘voluntourism programmes’
    • ‘Voluntourism supporters are quick to point out indirect benefits too.’
    • ‘Trips to destinations all over the world are adding community restoration projects, but voluntourism in New Orleans isn't limited to building homes with Habitat for Humanity.’
    • ‘Our Travel for Good program promotes 'voluntourism' or getting people to take trips during which they participate in a volunteer activity - whether abroad or in areas close to home.’
    • ‘Other tour operators stress that voluntourism really does have lasting impact because, despite rapid turnover among individual volunteers, trip organizers develop long-term relationships with community partners.’
    • ‘Voluntourism trips are shorter, more entertaining versions of the kind of international work long sponsored by the likes of church missions and the Peace Corps.’
    • ‘The international development charity Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) said poorly planned, "voluntourism" schemes that make money out of channelling public sympathy were having a negative impact on young people and the communities they worked with.’
    • ‘The voluntourism guidelines state that volunteer programs can be part of for-profit operations so long as the core objective is to meet the needs of the local community.’
    • ‘There are growing concerns about a lack of scrutiny and measurement of voluntourism, as more commercial tour operators enter what was previously the realm of non-profit organisations.’
    • ‘Most recently, the company has now developed a line of tours, ranging from wildlife viewing to adventure travel to short-term voluntourism, all with the aim of supporting and driving forward conservation research and community development efforts.’
    • ‘In working with Oceanic Society over the years I have helped to develop a variety of "voluntourism" research programs.’
    • ‘Perrin's suggestions include travelling to a destination that uses a language they are learning at school and signing up for a voluntourism project in an area of interest, such as animal care.’
    • ‘Some of these programs were found on a website called Go Overseas, which is dedicated to listing and rating different voluntourism programs.’
    • ‘"Voluntourism had long been billed as a gap-year experience, and I saw that it could be taken beyond youth; it just needed an aggregate platform," says Smith.’
    • ‘We will offer voluntourism, fun, and great adventure with like-minded travellers.’
    • ‘Particularly when traveling internationally, the biggest expense with voluntourism is getting there.’
    • ‘Voluntourism is an experience-based way to enjoy a country and discover its people at a grassroots level.’



/ˌvɒlənˈtʊərɪz(ə)m/ /ˌvɒlənˈtɔːrɪz(ə)m/


1990s blend of volunteer and tourism.