Meaning of vom in English:


Pronunciation /vɒm/

verbverb voms, verb vomming, verb vommed

[no object] informal
  • Be sick; vomit.

    • ‘I'm eating crackers and drinking ginger ale and trying not to vom’
    • ‘Let me through before I vom.’
    • ‘The second is to the tune of "Simply the Best," but goes, "You're simply the bomb / all the others make me want to vom."’
    • ‘They had that tone about them that made me concerned he was gonna vom down my neck.’
    • ‘There were oysters too, but they would have made me vom.’
    • ‘"Her tobacco breath made Madge want to vom".’
    • ‘We ordered shots, received shots; ladies and gents, we shot. And then she vommed all over me.’
    • ‘Got back to Southwell and vommed in the bathroom … nice!’
    • ‘He was so calm when Rebecca vommed on him, I was tempted to have a go myself to see what happened.’
    • ‘I had to lie down after I'd vommed.’
    • ‘Anyway, we weren't there for long and I vommed.’
    • ‘Bluntly said, I vommed dramatically upon all that is good and upright in this city.’
    • ‘Yeah, he went to her housewarming and vommed in the bathtub.’
    • ‘Will I vom when I touch the gizzard?’
    • ‘Like, if eating real chicken makes you wanna vom, why would you wanna eat pretend chicken made of something you would actually eat?’
    be sick, spew, spew up, fetch up


mass noun informal
  • Vomit.

    • ‘I missed the toilet and spewed vom all over her brand-new carpet’
    • ‘So picture a tall amazon in heels and a pool of floral vom, and you've pretty much got the picture.’
    • ‘But every morning en route to the train station there is, without fail, at least one pool of crusty vom on the footpath.’
    • ‘I tossed my head back and thought, "ok, I will just have to come across as a relaxed earth mother - covered in food and vom but with a big ol' smile that makes up for it all".’
    • ‘It's like when I thought I liked feta, but then I ate this feta that was in the fridge for like two months and it tasted like vom and now I'm very cautious.’
    • ‘With a second wave of vom welling up inside him, Benny made one final dash for the door.’
    • ‘At least the vom is not happening in 8 directions for me yet.’
    • ‘Then the vom started.’


1980s abbreviation.