Meaning of Vouvray in English:



mass noun
  • Dry white wine, either still or sparkling, produced in the Vouvray district of the Loire Valley.

    ‘A number of different wines are produced in the Loire but the most famous have to be Vouvray and Sancerre.’
    • ‘At its most basic level, Chenin is grown in the Loire to produce wines to be drunk young, such as basic Anjou Blanc or inexpensive Saumur or Vouvray.’
    • ‘There are moderately priced ones like Sancerre or Vouvray which are admirable but you can expect to pay up to a tenner a bottle.’
    • ‘Finally I settled on a simple bottle of Vouvray, something light and fresh to accompany the first couple of courses.’
    • ‘With a deep golden colour, this tastes rather like a dry sherry that has seen plenty of oak, or perhaps an aged Vouvray.’



/ˈvuːvreɪ/ /vuvʀe/