Meaning of vox in English:


Pronunciation /vɒks/


  • (especially in music journalism) vocals; voice.

    ‘his matinee-idol vox’
    • ‘I really like the processing on the vox in the very beginning, too.’
    • ‘Regardless of the obnoxious vox, The Rapture rocked OK.’
    • ‘Faithfull is entitled to such a vox, one of pure European decadence.’
    • ‘After a week spent yelling my rock vox, my speaking voice was faint and used up.’
    • ‘I could put TONS of reverb on my vox.’
    • ‘There's only so much that can be done with basic guitar strumming and male/female vox.’
    • ‘So - droll sung/spoken vox, chirruping synth loop, mind-numbing repetition - it carbon copies " Once in a Lifetime ".’
    • ‘The lead vox - is there a distortion filter on them?’
    • ‘Band mainstay Dominic O'Neill (vox, guitar, piano) and most recent recruit Katie Richardson (vox) tell us the story so far.’
    • ‘Track two ` Be Content ' has more crazy noises and enticing vox, overall a really upbeat feel-good without ever been remotely cheesey sound.’
    • ‘Those vox that open it: I don't know how they achieved it.’
    • ‘Everyone in this band could play brilliantly well and their timing was impeccable, but the whole plot is lost in the tunes and terrible vox.’
    • ‘I like the delays on the vox, too, but they're not terribly obvious.’
    • ‘Imagine the moody dronings of God Speed You Black Emperor, or Spaceman 3 and then add beautifully moody and sullen vox courtesy of Aurelio Valle.’
    • ‘There's less vox here than on Folk Music, but that leaves plenty of room for Fisk and company to whittle about.’
    • ‘Spencer's vox are still sick and dirty.’
    • ‘The three - piece features Casey Laforet on guitar and vox, Mark Sasso on banjo with a voice like Shannon Hoon and Stephen Pitkin playing suitcases and percussion.’
    • ‘When nobby joined on vox we had to break his spirit so we did a couple of gigs under the name of The UK Spuds.’
    • ‘It starts out good, with this cool 80's type synth going on, and cool subdued vox - I actually thought it was Fischerspooner at first.’
    • ‘The pop-rock trio from Donegal features Rory Gallagher (bass/vox), John McIntyre (guitar / vox), and Micky D (drums).’


1970s shortened from vocals, probably after Latin vox ‘voice’.