Main meanings of Wa in English

: Wa1WA2


Pronunciation /wɑː/

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nounplural noun Wa, plural noun Was

  • 1A member of a hill people living on the borders of China and Burma (Myanmar).

  • 2mass noun The language of the Wa, belonging to the Mon-Khmer family.

    ‘Map showing three main dialect groupings of Wa speakers in Yunnan, China, as well as additional sub-dialects.’
    • ‘He has worked on minority languages spoken in Burma/Myanmar such as: Wa, Sgaw Karen and Khumi Chin.’


  • Relating to or denoting the Wa or their language.

    • ‘Burma's Wa tribe has become Asia's most dangerous drug cartel.’

Main meanings of WA in English

: Wa1WA2


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  • 1Washington (State) (in official postal use).

  • 2Western Australia.