Meaning of wabi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwabi/


mass noun
  • (in Japanese art) a quality of austere and serene beauty expressing a mood of spiritual solitude recognized in Zen Buddhist philosophy.

    ‘a certain wabi: a worn and regal richness’
    • ‘David Valls told audiences that baroque minimalism was the effect of his collection, but that the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi lay as the basic inspiration.’
    • ‘The Japanese word wabi means a beautiful work of art with a distinctive flaw that expresses the humanity of its creator.’
    • ‘The collapse of the ego became a concrete goal and the Japanese theory of wabi - where a tiny hairline fracture can elevate one teacup among a hundred other perfect ones to a state of aesthetic glory - a code to live by.’
    • ‘The chocolates are not inexpensive, but are beautifully made, practically explode with wabi sabi, and are flavored with exotic essences of flowers, spices and rare teas.’
    • ‘Werner and Toma also meditate on the practice of wabi sabi, a Taoist train of thought focused on things imperfect and temporal, yet their music is neither of these things.’


Japanese, literally ‘solitude’.