Meaning of wacky baccy in English:

wacky baccy



mass noun informal British
  • Cannabis.

    • ‘Her disastrous proposal for mandatory fines for cannabis users had to be abandoned after seven members of the shadow Cabinet admitted ‘experimenting’ with wacky baccy.’
    • ‘You get gangs of young people, some as young as 12 or 13, smoking what looks like wacky baccy.’
    • ‘They should spend a little less time smoking wacky baccy and listening to that tuneless rubbish called dance music, and rather more time being seen and not heard.’
    • ‘He has probably bought the Guardian or smoked wacky baccy at some stage of his life anyway, and is therefore expendable.’
    • ‘They will sit around smoking wacky baccy when they're supposed to be sweeping up litter or whatever.’