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wade in

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phrasal verb

  • Make a vigorous attack or intervention.

    ‘the elderly man waded in and wrestled the robber to the floor’
    • ‘But the police waded in attacking people indiscriminately.’
    • ‘The reaction of others who heard this interview tends to confirm that listeners didn't need to have the interviewer wade in on their behalf.’
    • ‘Hundreds of armed police rushed on to the pitch and waded in as fists flew among the players.’
    • ‘The confusion develops focus then, security men wading in, jumping on a middle-aged man who is shouting something about medical negligence.’
    • ‘This didn't prevent opposition MSPs from wading in with both feet.’
    • ‘A struggle took place which led to the driver getting out of the car and wading in.’
    • ‘The English teacher then wades in and informs me all first year teachers do it and she did it last year.’
    • ‘That afternoon the Fed and the Treasury waded in, buying $600 million worth of dollars in exchange for marks and yen.’
    • ‘Then, just when I thought that the issue was dead and buried, in wades the First Minister with a declaration about how he intends to improve Scotland's eating habits.’
    • ‘The picture below left shows police wading in after trouble following the Liverpool match.’
    move in, set to, set to work, pitch in, buckle down, go to it, put one's shoulder to the wheel
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