Meaning of wade into in English:

wade into

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phrasal verb

  • wade into someone or somethingIntervene in a situation or attack someone vigorously or forcefully.

    ‘Seb waded into the melee and started to beat off the boys’
    • ‘Vincent waded into his father with such anger’
    • ‘Eyewitnesses say they waded into the students and beat them.’
    • ‘He wades into the melee, stocky arms thrust out to separate the protagonists.’
    • ‘However, the aim of this article is not to bemoan irresponsible legislation, wade into a controversial issue or attack the ‘evils’ of our society.’
    • ‘A man has been jailed for four months after wading into a fight to help a friend he mistakenly thought was being attacked.’
    • ‘Morrissey has once again courted controversy by wading into the US presidential election battle.’
    • ‘Then Sainsbury's and Tesco said they were wading into cheap telecoms, too.’
    • ‘Lay down the law on all of this and you risk wading into a swamp of disputes about context and ownership.’
    • ‘Sachin Tendulkar wades into critics of his new batting style.’
    • ‘Sir Cyril also waded into the debate about the merits of state and private schools and university entrance.’
    • ‘Consider the small number of governors who waded into controversy in the past year over their handling of state government.’
    attack, set upon, assault, launch oneself at, weigh into, fly at, let fly at, turn on, round on, lash out at, hit out at, fall on, jump at, jump on, lunge at, charge, rush, storm
    get involved in, intervene in, get to work on, set to work on, tackle