Meaning of wade through in English:

wade through

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phrasal verb

  • wade through somethingRead laboriously through a long piece of writing.

    ‘they could just click it up on screen rather than have to wade through some hefty document’
    • ‘However, I can resent having to wade through a piece only to come to the end and find nothing of value was said.’
    • ‘Who else would wade through every issue and still have the energy to read my column?’
    • ‘There are more than 1,500 scans of such documentation for you to wade through.’
    • ‘I've been wading through less spam lately thanks to a tip I got.’
    • ‘Why spend the next four years of weekends memorising facts, cranking out essays, and wading through texts if all you want is to graduate?’
    • ‘Arriving at the office I fired up the computer and started wading through the 105 e-mails I'd received during my week off.’
    • ‘You've been wading through these figures line by line for several years now.’
    • ‘As a PhD student in politics and international relations I am wading through security related analysis every day.’
    • ‘She's just surfaced, blinking like a mole, after wading through 50,000 pages of fiction in her role as a Booker Prize judge.’
    • ‘We are still wading through the piles of responses with reader feedback.’
    • ‘Identifying a client's requirements and wading through individual properties on the market takes time and dedication.’
    • ‘If, after wading through the details above, you still want go through with it, you will need someone to officiate.’
    • ‘We could imagine some clerks wading through rows and rows of files.’
    • ‘Businesses in the UK are reckoned to be losing up to £3.2bn a year wading through the junk.’
    • ‘This ought to be a simple enough question but wading through Railtrack's Financial Reports I am left none the wiser.’
    • ‘The actions have left Kiely's senior team wading through paperwork.’
    • ‘It's a peculiar feeling, wading through hundreds of old photographs and loading them into photo galleries.’
    • ‘Employers are busy people and wading through hundreds of CVs is a time-consuming process.’
    • ‘Catching up with stuff, wading through rather a lot of email, usual thing.’
    • ‘You don't have to wade through reams of reports or write them yourself.’
    work one's way, plough, plod, trawl, proceed with difficulty, labour, toil away at, plug away at