Meaning of waffle iron in English:

waffle iron

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  • A utensil, typically consisting of two shallow metal pans hinged together, used for baking waffles.

    ‘One of my favorites approximated the size and shape of a waffle iron but with only eight squares.’
    • ‘Apparently my parents decided I need to make more waffles, so they bought me a waffle iron.’
    • ‘I had been using baking powder for a leavening and vegetable oil on the waffle iron in the recipes I had tried.’
    • ‘Gifts that may be quirky but never perfect: a blender, a beater, a vacuum cleaner, or a waffle iron.’
    • ‘I pulled the waffle mix out of the cupboard and set about mixing the batter while Noriko got out the waffle iron and plugged it in.’
    • ‘Passers-by are often curious to see a Western face behind the waffle irons, and he sells hundreds of waffles a day.’
    • ‘The best way to tell if the waffle is ready is by putting a teaspoon of water inside the hot waffle iron and when the steaming stops, the iron is ready for action.’
    • ‘Today I made waffles because I found a waffle iron in the kitchen.’
    • ‘A special feature as usual will be old-fashioned waffles, hot from the waffle iron, smothered with cream sauce.’
    • ‘The conveniences of giving toasters, waffle irons or towels as bridal gifts are all too predictable and unoriginal these days.’
    • ‘I did dabble with a bread maker but it is now gathering dust with the sandwich toaster and the waffle iron in the land of pointless kitchen purchases.’
    • ‘To prevent sticking, brush even nonstick waffle irons with oil or melted butter after heating.’
    • ‘‘The machines are presses or molds that work something like giant waffle irons,’ explains Glenn.’
    • ‘They're either impossible to fold, or those criss-crossed vinyl straps dig into your flesh and you're left looking like you fell asleep on a waffle iron.’
    • ‘See, here's what Elvis and I understand: a crunchy waffle is all about surface area, and for that, American-style waffle irons rule.’
    • ‘Spoon the stuff onto the waffle iron, gently lower the lid, and watch for the ‘light’ to go out again - or for steam to stop coming out around the edges.’
    • ‘Nonstick kitchen appliances such as waffle irons, Foreman grills, sandwich makers, and so forth have nonstick coatings and call for preheating prior to cooking.’
    • ‘In fact, the batter is rich and thick enough to be dolloped onto the waffle iron with an ice cream scoop.’
    • ‘Thomas Jefferson returned from France with a waffle iron, a long-handled patterned griddle that encloses the batter and gives it its characteristic crispness and shape.’
    • ‘You know, sometimes I've had to make 200 waffles in one night with just two waffle irons that only produce two waffles each every five minutes.’