Meaning of wage-earning in English:



See wage earner

‘Last financial year there were 30,000 wage-earning households in Australia that went without at least one meal because of lack of money.’
  • ‘In Leeds, the first 20 who will take part are either long-term unemployed or living in households where everyone of wage-earning age is claiming benefits.’
  • ‘He said: ‘In west Wiltshire not only do we have a low wage-earning community, but we also have a very fragile retail base.’’
  • ‘And by the last quarter of the 20th century only one-fourth of U.S. households fit the supposed ‘norm’ of a wage-earning husband and homemaker wife living with children.’
  • ‘Increased employment - there was a growing urban wage-earning class - and the acquisition of new skills in both civilian and military sectors were important in promoting African political consciousness.’