Meaning of wage round in English:

wage round


mainly New Zealand
  • A period of negotiation of salaries and pay awards.

    ‘the coming wage round could see conflict between trade unions and government’
    • ‘The current salary offers are among the lowest in the current wage round.’
    • ‘We have settled the police wage round for the next 3 years.’
    • ‘The department will begin negotiations with the unions early next year for another wage round.’
    • ‘But the whole recent wage round in the public sector I think was handled professionally.’
    • ‘Since then there have been two wage rounds.’
    • ‘In the 1997-98 wage round, review body awards were postponed and the following year increases were targeted on specific groups.’
    • ‘Their own pay may increase by ten cents an hour in a wage round.’
    • ‘They have calculated that the total cost of this bill is about a 3 percent increase in their payroll costs, and they have three wage rounds in which to claw that 3 percent back.’
    • ‘He sits there and smiles while the Government cynically tells people that if they behave themselves and do not have a wage round for 4 years, it will give them another week's holiday.’
    • ‘In those three wage rounds, the total employment costs to business will be the same as a percentage of turnover as they are at the moment.’