Meaning of waggler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwaɡlə/


  • A type of long float designed to be especially sensitive to movement of the bait, chiefly used in semi-still water.

    ‘This style of fishing uses a waggler to present a bait well up in the water.’
    • ‘I have a small tackle box that holds a variety of wagglers, trotting floats, leads, spinners, shot and hooks.’
    • ‘To reduce this effect I tend to use large bodied wagglers, which are more stable in the water and are not dragged out of position so easily.’
    • ‘I also carry a good selection of straight peacock wagglers for fishing further out and when there is not much flow in Winter.’
    • ‘I have used ordinary coarse fishing wagglers as bite detectors when fishing a sprat close in and believe me it catches plenty of pike.’