Meaning of wagon-roof in English:



(also wagon-vault)
another term for barrel vault
‘Transepts have been added down the years, but not for a very long time and, if you are into wagon-roofs, Mortehoe's long open-timbered example will warm the cockles of your heart.’
  • ‘Marked style changes left only a few traces of Gothic - timbered rooms, wagon-vaults and portals.’
  • ‘The Church has one of the finest wagon-roofs in the West Country, dating from the 15th century and is richly carved with bosses, corbels and figures.’
  • ‘The hall narrows to a vaulted passage with a Gothic wagon-vault and the passage vents to the central yard of irregular rectangle shape.’
  • ‘The most important and distinguishing feature of this early architecture of Assyria is the wagon-vault or tunnel-vault, a prolonged arch of sun-dried bricks, raised obliquely from the walls and used to roof long halls, rooms, sewers and drains.’