Meaning of wagonload in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwaɡ(ə)nləʊd/

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  • An amount of something that can be carried in one wagon.

    ‘a wagonload of food’
    • ‘The biggest tillers can power log splitters, pull a wagonload of rocks or clear snow from a driveway.’
    • ‘He is also planning to run for governor and has raised wagonloads of private money already.’
    • ‘BLM forced us to burn a wagonload of money on archaeologists and environmental consultants.’
    • ‘Steve was unloading the last wagonload of the day into the truck.’
    • ‘Personally, Lupe blamed it on the two wagonloads of civilians they had been forced to escort from Baceresque to Vengag.’
    • ‘This theory carries a wagonload of design decisions with it, and I'm afraid they aren't easy design decisions.’
    • ‘The refusal to bulk in wagonloads and to hire forwarding agents aggravated delays in the delivery of goods as well as station congestion.’
    • ‘Gifts arrived by the wagonloads, the servants rushed to prepare the large dinner for the party, I was beside myself trying to keep order.’
    • ‘In years gone by, he had discovered lots of things dropped along the trails by emigrants lightening their wagonloads as they pushed for the mountain summits.’
    • ‘She stayed nearly three weeks until, come a Saturday afternoon, Arie returned from taking a wagonload of the last of the season's apples to the market.’
    • ‘Web browsers will enjoy Bob Graham's delightfully sprawling Website on Frémont, his science, and a wagonload of related topics.’
    • ‘The first project is usually a mess, with anxious students offering a wagonload of excuses: ‘My hard disk crashed.’’
    • ‘The Bulgarian nation will not be in shock for long, they will soon come to realise that all that changed were a few rules that were ignored anyway and that wagonloads of Euro Cash were left behind to prop up the economy.’
    • ‘Sadly, Shaolin Soccer in no way lives up to the wagonload of Hong Kong Film awards and exuberant internet praise heaped upon it.’
    • ‘Each recipient last year received a wagonload of free films in DVD or VHS format (the choice of the recipient).’
    • ‘In 1995 a £12m scam was uncovered involving wagonloads of milk powder illegally imported from Austria and the Czech Republic to Spain and fraudulently re-exported to collect subsidies.’
    • ‘By 1700 an army of 60,000 men needed 45 tons of bread a day, the product of 60 portable bread-ovens and 200 wagonloads of fuel.’
    • ‘About 40 protesters blockaded the Burnhills landfill last Saturday and prevented delivery of six wagonloads of waste.’
    • ‘In the meantime, of course, there were ways to snatch a foretaste of Nirvana - through drugs and sex - although I should say that my drug of choice was always alcohol by the wagonload…’
    • ‘Port throughput soared in consequence, rising from 3,836 wagonloads of coal in 1757 to 9,990 loads in 1759.’