Meaning of wahey in English:


Pronunciation /wəˈheɪ/


  • Used to express delight, pleasure, or exhilaration.

    ‘I knew you'd say yes! Wahey!’
    • ‘I was gagging for a fish supper but there was a massive queue; loads of delighted Scottish fans giving it ‘wahay!’’
    • ‘If you're really, really lucky, you might get to see Tyra Banks doing a Victoria's Secret photo shoot using the fountains as a backdrop, wahey!’
    • ‘Afterwards I bumped into some of the guys who used to be in college and had a chat with them about Bicton and what they are up to - it seems it's generally going fabulously for them - wahey!’
    • ‘And as for the Britpop disco downstairs afterwards - wahey!’
    • ‘If you don't get in, you go home to a lovely bath, if you do… wahey!’
    • ‘No honestly love, I just wanted a picture of their costumes, I'd hardly even noticed her legs, still, a small wahey!’
    • ‘We went on amazing, and insane, adventure weekends as older boys (and girls too at this point, a wahey was often in order).’
    • ‘It felt more like, wahey you're a man, than wow you're so sexy.’
    • ‘I'm not at all attracted to Colin Firth, but as Mr Darcy, wahay, the man could brood and simper all he liked around me!’
    • ‘You can get out your modem, dial freeserve and wahay - new IP address, and a safe connection on which to trace the attacking IPs.’


1970s imitative.