Meaning of Wahhabism in English:


Pronunciation /wəˈhɑːbɪz(ə)m/

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(also Wahabism)

See Wahhabi

‘The ceremony was not officially a state funeral, as the kingdom's strict version of Islam known as Wahhabism stresses the equality of all people in death.’
  • ‘They largely adhere to a strict version of Sunni Islam commonly known as Wahhabism, which requires a literal reading of the Koran.’
  • ‘This was a group that emerged in the 1950s from a group of Palestinians and Saudis being very close to Wahhabism, the main Islamic tradition of Saudi Arabia.’
  • ‘Sunni Wahhabism revived after World War II and Wahhabi Mujahidin were fierce participants in the Afghan civil war of 1979-89.’
  • ‘He espouses the Islamic ideology of Wahhabism, the doctrine promoted by the Saudi royal family, and quite distinct from the Sunni faith practised by most Iraqi Kurds.’