Meaning of wain in English:


Pronunciation /weɪn/


  • 1archaic A wagon or cart.

    ‘Out of the East men were moving endlessly: swordsmen, spearmen, bowmen upon horses, chariots of chieftains and laden wains.’
    • ‘At times, the road was little more than a narrow trail, and loaded wains had great difficulty passing through these bottlenecks, having to smash their way through dense underbrush.’
    • ‘You would have heard the marching feet of soldiers then, and the rumble of hooves and the creak of the wheels of wains.’
    wagon, carriage
    1. 1.1the Wain
      short for Charles's Wain


Old English wæg(e)n, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wagen and German Wagen, also to way and weigh.