Meaning of waist cloth in English:

waist cloth


  • A loincloth.

    ‘I wore a black shirt and dhoti (a wrap-around waist cloth) and applied sandalwood paste and kumkum (red powder) to my forehead.’
    • ‘Each waist cloth is between two to three meters long and 15 centimeters in width.’
    • ‘An additional white waist cloth, of half length, is wrapped around the body on top of the phanek.’
    • ‘The ends of the waist cloth were stitched.’
    • ‘The waist cloth is also colourful with matching stripes.’
    • ‘Money, keys and various useful items, even eggs, may be wrapped into the waist cloth, so a slender waist is hidden under the clothing.’
    • ‘Mrs. Moevi-Akue cannot produce her goods in high volume, while her waist cloths are in demand by the inhabitants of her area.’
    • ‘Many carried rocks for throwing, tucked into the fold of their waist cloths.’
    • ‘The dancers dress in brightly coloured waist cloths (like sarongs), waistcoats studded with sparkling buttons and decorative turbans.’