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wait a minute

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(also just a minute)
  • 1Used as a request to delay an action or decision for a short time.

    ‘wait a minute—I have to put my make-up on’
    • ‘He stripped from his waist up, put on a black face, did about 20 minutes of the show and then said, wait a minute.’
    • ‘Wait a minute - I have to go back and make sure that's what I actually saw.’
    be patient, wait a moment, wait a second, just a minute, just a moment, just a second, hold on
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  • 2Used as a prelude to a query or objection.

    ‘wait a minute—that just isn't true’
    • ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute, doesn't BET also air a show called Comic View where on any given day any comedian could have two or three Michael Jackson jokes?’
    • ‘The less money you make - wait a minute, wait a minute - the less money you make, the less taxes you pay.’
    • ‘And I thought about it for a minute and said, wait a minute, there's a lot to be thankful for.’
    • ‘Then you say, ‘wait a minute, wait a minute,’ and spend about 2 minutes playing devil's advocate.’
    • ‘Hey, wait a minute - how about the United Nations?’
    • ‘But wait a minute, I hear you say; those tax cuts expire in 2010.’
    • ‘I think when young people start to realize what Dumont is proposing, then they'll take a huge step back and go, ‘Whoa, wait a minute!’’
    • ‘You can see how there are some Americans who might look at this and say, wait a minute, it's branding the United States as the bad guy, when in fact the U.S. is trying to keep the bad people out.’
    • ‘I think people step back and say wait a minute - who is running this thing and who is making the decisions?’
    • ‘That was six months now and it's time to step back and say now wait a minute, what do these decisions mean?’