Meaning of wait for it in English:

wait for it


informal British
  • Do not act before the proper moment.

    • ‘patrol—wait for it—halt!’
    • ‘Thankfully, that gap has now been closed by the arrival this year of the Festival of, wait for it, Politics.’
    • ‘Scotland's best golfer is no fan of links golf and played very little of it as a youngster brought up in, wait for it, Leeds.’
    • ‘Oh, and turn up your speakers for - wait for it - the building site sound effects.’
    • ‘The lot causing most stir among Clemente collectors is, wait for it, debris from his smashed-up plane.’
    • ‘In Britain the people who take their own life more than anyone else are… wait for it… vets.’
    • ‘Instead, he will sit tight on his list seat in Holyrood until he can have a crack at - wait for it - Westminster.’
    • ‘Currently, the best Earth-bound instrument is called, wait for it, the Very Large Telescope.’
    • ‘It spends great amounts of time and effort on - wait for it - fox hunting.’
    • ‘The radical new tool to crank up standards is - wait for it - headteachers.’
    • ‘We are promised not more grand policy but - wait for it - an Action Plan.’