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wait list


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North American
  • A waiting list.

    ‘It also wants the government to increase funding to reduce wait lists for surgery at B.C. hospitals and give doctors more say in rebuilding the health system, he said.’
    • ‘It had better: Toyota has a six-month-plus wait list.’
    • ‘Put it on your wait list and they just mail it to you.’
    • ‘As of Dec. 4, 2003, the surgical wait list for Richmond Hospital sat at 4,500 patients.’
    • ‘Last year, 26 patients died while on the wait list.’
    • ‘Because of our extensive wait list it is important that we start expansion now.’
    • ‘That leaves an empty seat, and the airline is unable to offer it to anybody on a wait list or a go-show.’
    • ‘Surgery was required and I was immediately admitted and put on the wait list for a surgical table.’
    • ‘The company deliberately holds production below demand, guaranteeing a wait list for its stylish cars.’
    • ‘Meaning that, you've got to fly business or be prepared to take a chance on the wait list.’
    • ‘Almost nine months before, I had put down my name and my deposit on the wait list for a hybrid car.’
    • ‘Gausman had tried for two years to get a transfer - she tried Grannan's elementary school - but found all the desirable public schools have long wait lists.’
    • ‘It's not a wait list, it's a reserve list, which basically means it takes longer for a decision to be made.’
    • ‘In December she was finally put on the wait list, but then developed a lung infection that led to pneumonia.’
    • ‘Add to that, he said in a 1994 report to the annual meeting, ‘we have 144 members on our golf wait list.’’
    • ‘The first 400 on The Crew's ticket wait list from the first show will have access to tickets to the second show.’
    • ‘The NDP's so-called commitment to health care has lead to longer wait lists, lots of out-dated medical equipment, and a shortage of nurses.’
    • ‘He said it could take anywhere from ‘a few weeks to several months’ to get surgery wait lists back on track.’
    • ‘Then off to Day 1 of the city Training Development Skills class for which I have been on the wait list for a year.’
    • ‘Because the school offers small class sizes, many of the courses have a wait list of three to six months.’
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(also wait-list)
[with object]North American
  • Put (someone) on a waiting list.

    ‘I was clearly informed by Cathay Pacific that I was within the first few wait-listed passengers and I was almost guaranteed the seat if I arrived on time.’
    • ‘We reach Dick at the Quebec city airport, where he's wait-listed for a flight to Ottawa.’
    • ‘Another disgusted mother told the one private school where her son was wait-listed to just forget it - and put him into public school.’
    • ‘But the middle school Lauren had her heart set on had no vacancies, and she was wait-listed.’
    • ‘Like him, Leeds businessman Ian Brown, 56, was wait-listed for an angioplasty.’
    • ‘And when wait-listed participants were allowed to choose which treatment they would receive, the overwhelming majority chose the VRE treatment.’
    • ‘Perhaps if an equal number of eighth graders had been wait-listed, the two groups might have performed more similarly.’
    • ‘The union works with the Dept. of Labor to provide direct entry into an apprenticeship program without having to be wait-listed.’
    • ‘They were wait-listed students for whom openings became available.’
    • ‘This leads to a lot of confusion for RAC and wait-listed passengers.’
    • ‘Any MP who has a wait-listed flight, or wants an upgrade, they ring Hawesy and it's all sorted, mate.’
    • ‘The implementation of WLS has the potential to benefit registries, registrars who do not currently offer wait-listing services, and, most importantly, the public.’
    • ‘Besides perfecting table manners, these sometimes wait-listed courses advise youngsters on how to shake hands, be courteous on the phone, and write thank-you notes.’
    • ‘The follow-up did not allow for comparison with an untreated control group since the original wait-listed group had gone on to receive therapy.’
    • ‘Alternatively, the excess arises out of the inclusion of wait-listed passengers in booking data.’